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Amazon Review

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Focusing My Vision

focusing vision

I am writing this blog to help focus my Vision, today, in the near future, perhaps even in the far future.  I hope that it will inspire others to write or blog on their own Vision of what they want to do, to live.  And by writing may it  help us focus our Vision into action and life.

In a broad scope, my Vision is martial arts and primitive survival, the journey of practicing these.  My Vision is to love my husband and become a mother, both in the physical and in the spirit.  Meaning that no path of spirit is divided from our daily life.  Because the most important martial practice is virtue, and becoming a compassionate, humble human–this is what takes a lifetime of battles to achieve.

If I begin to focus this down, my Vision is to train more, train harder.  This is the path of discipline, fighting the demons of distraction and laziness.  As my master says, “we must grasp our time”.   Training for me right now includes all of my forms and basics, reciting scripture, reading Yi Jing oracles.  It also includes primitive skills…bow drill, hand drill, baskets, wild harvesting, and planning a survival trip each month.  Training is also beginning my homestead, in the sense of sustainability, gardening, raising ducks and rabbits.  Training is my day to day, moment to moment interactions with the people in my life, and my awareness of what is around me.

If I begin to focus my Vision, away from my Self, beyond myself, I come to what it is I am trying to do with my classes at the Shugyo Center, with the publication of my book, and with the trips I lead to China.

Teaching at the Shugyo Center is vital to bringing the Wudang Gong Fu to others, building a new generation of Pure Yang disciples, and leading students into coming to China to train under my master Li Song Feng.  Most important is to bring the practice into people’s lives, a way for one to build their strength and the health of their body.  I’m finding that in this era, with so much pollution, we can’t trust the air we breathe, the water we drink or the foods we buy in the store.  We must have a way to heal ourselves or access the body’s innate power to heal itself…not reliant on any medicines sold, or even gathered.  Only relying on the methods we have learned and the faith we have built.  One important method is what I call “Longevity” or Yang Sheng Gong–a way of cleansing the body of disease, toxin, and aging.

Publishing my book continues to show me many new things.  To begin, it allowed me to release parts of my past.  Writing about one’s own life is very cathartic, I began to understand and see the thread between the lessons of life, and also…let them go.  My Vision is to empower young women, like myself, to have the courage to follow their heart, and to share with them the hardships along the way, so that they might suffer less because of it, knowing that other women have had the same challenges and how they dealt with them.  “The Valley Spirit” book is also a beacon directing people to the teachings of my master Li Shi Fu, as well as the teachings of Daoism.

Which brings me as to why I believe in taking students to China to learn from Li Shi Fu… because the ancient teachings must not be lost, they must be passed down and carried by the new generation.  As the new generation we must learn to become healers, and leaders of the spiritual path, leading others through the times ahead.

Everyday I ask myself, “am I living my Vision?”

and when I find that the answer is “not enough”, the key is in returning to the now, and functioning from the heart.