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New Publication!

The Valley Spirit has been signed on with a new publisher!  I am very happy with Singing Dragon and pleased to announce the release of the 2nd edition in January 2013 (UK)/ February 2013 (US).

Dining with the Authors at Gaia’s Garden, Santa Rosa, CA, January 9th, 2012 @6:00 pm

Have dinner with one of seven Authors, followed by a brief reading from each author on stage.  Gaia’s Garden has a fabulous buffet of vegetarian/vegan dishes as well as soft beverages/beer/wine/coffee.  Please make reservations to sit and speak with Lindsey Wei.  Autographed books are also on sale at this location.

Reading and Talk at Many Rivers Books and Tea, Sebastopol, CA, January 26th, 2012 @7:30 pm

A Story of Daoist Cultivation Through story and readings from her newly published book “The Valley Spirit”, Author Lindsey Wei will recount her experience as a woman practicing martial arts and Daoism in the Wudang Mountains of China.  Many westerners know of Daoism as a philosophy, but are less familiar with Daoism as an orthodox religion and esoteric practice.  Lindsey will touch upon main principles and theories behind Daoist practices, such as longevity, renunciation, alchemy, and healing.  She will also discuss how to be cautious of traps and side paths along the road of spiritual cultivation.  Join her for an inspiring evening full of story that brings us back to ancient tradition and the perseverance of our practice.



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  1. Hi

    I have read this book and although deep and providing insight from the authors eyes offers a distinct take on the path of the daoist monk or such like. I have used pages for my own reflection, the last paragraph summarizes the journey for me.

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