Lindsey Wei

Lindsey has been practicing Martial Arts in Wudang since she was 18.

She teaches Wudang Gong Fu in America to help spread the wisdom and health of Daoist Longevity, as well as pass on Traditional Methods of martial discipline.

Classes at Shugyo Center offer Daoist Longevity exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation taught with a clear understanding of energy, healing, and anatomy according to TCM. More physical classes will provide the diligent student with the methods to access his/her inner strength in mind, body and spirit. Basic fighting techniques/applications and conditioning will be taught in the traditional manner of repetition, which is what produces “gong” defined as “a skill developed through time and sweat (effort)”. More advanced students may begin to learn the ceremony and art of Ba Gua as taught in the Pure Yang sect.

Every year, a group of disciples is brought to Five Immortals Temple, on White Horse Mountain, in Wudang Mountain Range of China. They learn traditional Martial Arts, Medicine, and Daoist Philosophy. More information can be found at Five Immortals Temple.